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Tom Marvolo Riddle, circa 1954

Finding the Gray

Tom Marvolo Riddle
6 January 1927
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Milliways Version:

July 2004: One minute I'm 27, I'm in Albania, it's 1954, and I'm working on, ahem, advancing my career, then the next moment hanging about at milliways_bar. And liking it.

Maybe all that time spent brooding and plotting should have been spent enjoying life a little. Maybe I'll be making up for lost time, here at the end of the universe.

I'm finding that things are not as black and white as I once thought. I'm not as black as I once thought.

And there's a girl... a magnificent girl.

Details about character:
This version of Tom is based on my pre-Half Blood Prince fanfic called Strange and Wondrous which includes some key events in 1955 leading Tom to becoming Voldemort. Thus he's coming from 1954 for the RPG. He's an angry, bitter, and malicious character, but very intelligent, charming, and conflicted. And like most villains, he's never been really loved.

When he first arrived at Milliways he was mostly confused - his self-esteem and expectations took a major hit from finding out what happens to Voldemort (insanity, madness, sloppy attempts at world domination). He used to know exactly what he wanted and how to get it, at Milliways, he wasn't sure what he wanted. He also met some very interesting people who gave him plenty to think about. He decided to be who he wants to be, instead of what he's been destined to be.

And did I mention there's a girl? Tom is now bound by oath and blood ritual to Lady Door of the House of Arch in London Below. He is Lord Ostium, and firmly on the road to redemption. See here for more insight into his character.

Tom and Door were married in February of their year 1998 (Milliways 2006) for the romantic seal to their relationship. They're the parental figures for Ingress, Door's little sister, and Gavroche Thernardier, who was taken in upon his arrival at Milliways.then

Also of note, this is an AU Tom - he is an aspect of himself plucked from 1954; in fact, he's all the remaining humanity existing within Voldemort when he made his second Horcrux. Tom is the result of magical convergence bringing that part of his soul whole and intact to Milliways. This aspect of Tom has been given a second chance.

Physical Description:
He is a charming, attractive man, with black hair and blue eyes. He's 6'1" and of medium build. He is a bookish guy, but he's not scrawny. He has long thin scars on his palms from the Ritual in which he was accepted into the House of Arch. In addition to being a Legilimens, he is an Occlumens, and gets rather twitchy about anyone breaking through his mental shields.

Tom resides in house_of_arch and can be found in milliways_bar and neverways - London Below in the time of Milliways.

Sunnydale AU Version:
(The Sunnydale AU version of Tom has elements of HP-verse merged into the Buffy-verse. Why? Because it's fun and I said so!)

I never thought I'd be interested in anything but power and magic. But ever since the demons crashed our prom, my life has been flipped upside down. It's turning out okay. I think.

I hope.

Table of contents for AU Sunnydale threads

Details about character:
Tom is eighteen and newly graduated from Sunnydale High. He's been in foster care and group homes all of his life after his mother's unsolved murder. He came to Sunnydale from London when he was eleven, after his uncle, Marvin Gaunt, was located. Marvin liked to summon demons with Tom's blood; this arrangement ended with Marvin's death after Tom broke the summoning circle on purpose to let a demon devour him.

Tom stayed in Sunnydale after that, locked into the social services system, but he slowly made connections with other magic users. When Bellatrix (Trixi) Black moved to town in eighth grade, he found his best friend. They began doing magic together, and then they formed a coven with the Carrow twins and other magically inclined students.

Junior year was bad, but by the end of senior year, things fell apart for Tom. With the help of the Sunnydale version of Sherlock Holmes and Trixi, Tom's putting the pieces back together.

Physical Description:
Like his Milliways counterpart, he is a charming, attractive young man, with black hair and blue eyes. He's 6'1" and of medium build. He always wears long sleeved shirts because of the thin white scars on his arms - the remnants of when his blood was used for demon summoning. He has two vampire bite scars on his neck that he keeps covered with a glamour when in public.

Of course, the fanfic and the character are based on J.K. Rowling's creations. vivien529 is borrowing them respectfully. Christian Coulson belongs to himself, but I am grateful for his lovely image.

Tom appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.